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My passion for photography is part of a larger movement towards artistic expression that started in my childhood. Photography is the latest manifestation of my need to create that can be traced to my studies and experience in theatre and performance. The creative dramatic and elements of live performance are a major inspiration in the imagery I produce. 


My photographic expression has been greatly inspired by the works of Robert Mapplethorpe, David Lachapelle, Pierre & Gilles and Steven Klein. I am particularly drawn and inspired by their ability to convey drama and story within their images, and I strive for this in my more creative images.


From individual portraits, to e-commerce product imagery, my aim is to capture the substance and drama of my photographic subjects, always striving to accentuate and bring their essence to the fore.


Why choose me?

I will carefully listen to your needs through a detailed, personal consultation and work with you to develop concepts to achieve the desired result. I will give you a unique vision for your project and work with a range of creative professionals that can assist in ensuring that your expectations are exceeded. 

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